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We come as a creative pair, or individually.

But our mission and vision is the same: follow the human.

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Chiara Gericke

Gets final say on copywriting

Recently graduated from Falmouth University with a First class Honours degree in Advertising and completed my Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification. I have experience working in Behavioural Economics Consultancy firms and really enjoy combining academic thinking with creative problem solving.


I have a passion for Biology, the science behind healthy living and habit formation. My ideal project would be one that nudges for good.

Email: chiaragk@gmail.com

David Fanner

Gets final say on art direction

I believe there is massive opportunity at the intersection of creativity and behavioural science. 
As an award winning ad-grad and co-founding behaviour change fanatic, I'm a good bridge between both of theseworlds. I welcome brave agencies and behavioural practises to get in touch. 

Email: davzz16@gmail.com

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